German sub surfaces in UK

Ransom Riggs

Actually, it didn't so much surface as it was rescued, years after its final descent, from the bottom of the seafloor off the coast of Liverpool. Currently residing on land near a museum in the UK, its rusting hull sits exposed and rusting for the world to see. Pic via our friends at The Cellar, via a Russian photo blog (which identified the wreck only as "German sub.")

For those of you in the Southern California region, we heartily recommend a tour of the Scorpion, a Russian sub-turned-tourist-trap currently docked in the water just off Long Beach. It's as close as most of us will come to embarking on a dank, cramped submarine mission of our own. The best part, though, is the photo of the Scorpion's original crew: most of the men are blessedly diminutive, except for the sub's commander, who stands at least 6'5 "“ and has some of the most alarming permanently-hunched shoulders we've ever seen. Tall guys "“ this blogger included "“ don't belong on submarines!

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