Grandparental Knowledge

Jason English

Excuse me while I channel my inner flailing stand-up comic. Do we have any grandparents in the audience?

[mild applause]

Any grandparents who like to give advice?

[applause starts to die down]

Any grandparents who know how to use computers?

[two people clapping in the back]

Oh, right. Unless your more tech-savvy friends printed out and mailed you a copy of this website, it's likely you can navigate the Internet. So let's get to the punchline.

In the tradition of Dear Abby, Elder Wisdom Circle aims to connect wisdom-toting seniors with advice-seeking youth. Their mission is "to promote and share elder know-how and accumulated wisdom. We also have a goal of elevating the perceived value and worth of our senior community."

As a lucky grandson of very knowledgeable grandparents, I think this is fantastic. The Elder Wisdom Circle was featured on NPR last year, and you can read some of their advice letters here. And if any of our more senior readers want to impart specific wisdom on our younger ones, comment away.

[The great photo above is courtesy of Mark Bottrell, creator of the "Pedro Lacks Political Experience" t-shirt. This is his grandma.]