Cute Little Cthulhu


Cthulhu is a deity/monster/alien featured in H.P.Lovecraft's science fiction, particularly The Call of Cthulhu. The original character is anything but cute; in fact he's powerful, evil, horrifying, and scary, too. But the heart of comedy is a juxtaposition of opposites, so it's natural to try to make Cthulhu into something cute.

French artist Francois Launet puts a comic spin on the horror of Cthulhu at the webcomic The Unspeakable Vault of Doom.

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Artist Gala Tokareva drew baby Cthulhu in the classic nude-on-belly pose. See more at her site.

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Think Geek has this plush Cthulhu.

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There are more plush Cthulhus available. One made it into a slideshow story, The Tale of the Plush Cthulhu.

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The Toy Vault has these comfy Cthulhu slippers and other monsterous plush items.

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This homemade Cthulhu iPod cozy was featured at Something Awful. A commenter noted it was a "love-craft".

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Michelle made this darling Cthulhu Halloween costume for her son Alistair.

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And what could be cuter than this homemade knitted Cthulhu?

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The Misadventures of Hello Cthulhu is a webcomic mashup of Cthulhu and Hello Kitty.

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Coming soon to a toy store near you... My Little Cthulhu. Or they may be available now, if you can get one before they are all snapped up! Little Victims sold separately.

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The first time I saw this liscence plate, it was labeled "Adults for Dessert". Maybe not exactly cute, but a funny juxtaposition of dreadful and darling.

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You'd think Lovecraft would be rolling in his grave over these, but he had a dark and clever sense of humor. He would probably be quite proud.