Cthulhu is a deity/monster/alien featured in H.P.Lovecraft's science fiction, particularly The Call of Cthulhu. The original character is anything but cute; in fact he's powerful, evil, horrifying, and scary, too. But the heart of comedy is a juxtaposition of opposites, so it's natural to try to make Cthulhu into something cute.

French artist Francois Launet puts a comic spin on the horror of Cthulhu at the webcomic The Unspeakable Vault of Doom.


Artist Gala Tokareva drew baby Cthulhu in the classic nude-on-belly pose. See more at her site.


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MFBabyCthulhuLogo.jpgThis Baby Cthulhu logo (along with Sleepy Cthulhu) is available on t-shirts, bags, and wallets from Goth Stuff.

Think Geek has this plush Cthulhu.


There are more plush Cthulhus available. One made it into a slideshow story, The Tale of the Plush Cthulhu.


The Toy Vault has these comfy Cthulhu slippers and other monsterous plush items.


This homemade Cthulhu iPod cozy was featured at Something Awful. A commenter noted it was a "love-craft".


Michelle made this darling Cthulhu Halloween costume for her son Alistair.


And what could be cuter than this homemade knitted Cthulhu?


The Misadventures of Hello Cthulhu is a webcomic mashup of Cthulhu and Hello Kitty.


Coming soon to a toy store near you... My Little Cthulhu. Or they may be available now, if you can get one before they are all snapped up! Little Victims sold separately.

435_my little cthulhu.jpg

The first time I saw this liscence plate, it was labeled "Adults for Dessert". Maybe not exactly cute, but a funny juxtaposition of dreadful and darling.


You'd think Lovecraft would be rolling in his grave over these, but he had a dark and clever sense of humor. He would probably be quite proud.