Shave and a haircut: $400

David K. Israel

Not sure how many of you caught this article in the Quad-City Times (what??? You mean you don't read it daily???? What's wrong with you people!), but apparently, Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards spent $400 for a haircut recently, which had barbers in Quad-City - where a haircut costs $10 or $12 - in a tizzy. "If I charged $400 for a haircut, they'd come after me with white coats," said Leo Fier, who has been cutting hair for 49 years at his shop in Dewitt, Iowa."

Edwards' campaign committee filed a financial report with the Federal Election Commission noting that the White House hopeful paid $400 for haircuts in California and New Hampshire, and $248 for salon services in Dubuque, Iowa.

I'll admit this: some years ago, I actually spent close to $80 for a haircut (with tip!), but now only go to SuperCuts, where the grand total is more like $20. My question to you is: what's the most you've ever spent on a haircut, and, more interestingly, what do you THINK the most anyone should spend on a haircut is? Remember, barbers need to eat, too! (men and women are likely to have different answers to the question, I'm certain.)