Virus as Muse


Caitlin Berrigan is an artist who's been receiving a lot of attention for a series called "Sentimental Objects in Attempts to Befriend a Virus." In one part of the series, "Viral Confections," she cast chocolate truffles from a mold of a hepatitis C virus (pictured). Caitlin contracted the virus during a blood transfusion she received when she was an infant. On her site she explains:

These designer chocolates illustrate the inventive protein structure of the hepatitis C virus. A plaster model of the virus was printed as a rapid prototype from a 3D illustration of the virus, from which the chocolates were cast. These delicious truffles do not carry hepatitis C. Each one was lovingly handmade from 72% Belgian roasted cocoa in attempt to befriend the virus.

What's next for Caitlin? A greenhouse built in the shape of the virus...