Great Things Inspired by Fergie

Jason English

One of the more popular videos on YouTube features Alanis Morisette covering "My Humps," by the Black Eyed Peas (video below). In the words of pop culture expert Bill Simmons, Morisette "crushes Fergie and everything she stands for AND manages to be strangely hypnotic. You have to love Canadians. They always deliver the goods ."

This reminded me of one of my all-time favorite mental_floss posts. Last September, our own Ransom Riggs thoroughly examined another Fergie tune, "London Bridge." Here's a taste, with the complete Pop Annotation here.

When I come to the club, step aside Pop the seats, don't be heavy in the line1 V.I.P. because you know I gotta shine I'm Fergie Ferg, and me love you long time2

1. Trans: Allow me ingress to your establishment, fair bouncer, wherein I might shake my humps.
2. Birth name: Stacy Ferguson. Stage name: Fergie, a reference to the notoriously hard-partying Dutchess of York, who made herself a fixture in British tabloids by allegedly loving a number of people "long time" (her husband not necessarily among them).