LA's cursed condo development

Ransom Riggs

Playa del Rey is an enormous condo development on Los Angeles' westside, in a theoretically golden zone between the hip communities of Venice and Santa Monica to the North, the airport close by but out of sight to the South and the beach to the West. But it has two very curious problems. First, it's sitting on a giant pocket of toxic, potentially explosive methane gas, for which the development has installed extensive gas barriers and venting systems, but given Southern California's history of earthquakes ... you never know. Second, and potentially more troublesome, depending on your point of view, is that PDR is built on top of what has turned out to be one of the largest Native American burial grounds in the country. According to a recent Citybeat article, there's a trailer on the building site that houses hundreds of 1' x 1' wooden boxes, each one containing bone fragments from individual graves. (Now if that's not a recipe for Poltergeist-style disaster, I don't know what is.)

A few examples of what can happen when you build on an Indian burial ground, after the jump:


The Shining

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