IQ-tips: eco-tips?

David K. Israel

We always knew it would take green to get the green movement afoot. By that I mean, people see money in going green. The latest example? Hearst has a beta version of its Green Magazine online (your one-stop shop for all things good for the environment).

One of the more interesting aspects, once it gets going, will be the eco-tip of the day. Though I'm still not convinced there actually exist  365 different things you can do each year to conserve energy or act more efficiently in the name of the environment, I do applaud the effort. So far the tips are the usual fare: don't use paper OR plastic (bring your own), change your light bulbs over to compact fluorescents, that sort of thing.

We know you guys must have some more original tips to share, right? So slap "˜em down for all to benefit. I'll single out the most original in a post later this week.