Spring's here, and if you're already shooting here-we-go-again looks at your middling liquor cabinet, perhaps it's time to change things up a bit at your next gathering. True, Trader Joe's does have the best deals on drinkable sake, but it gets rather old floating your friends' drinks with lemon wedges and cucumber slices, no? Wouldn't it be more exhilarating for your guests to hold their drinks up to the light only to find a finely coiled habu snake at the bottom? Habus are pit vipers found throughout Japan's Ryukyu Islands. They're rumored to be among the less aggressive venomous snakes--though, if you're asking for it, they're game & you're probably in the ER. Habu sake is made by placing a whole snake into a cask of 95% alcohol in order to embalm it; afterwards, it's transferred to steep in two successively lower proofs before landing in the comparatively benign distilled rice alcohol. If your frequent flier miles are a little on the anemic side, you can order a bottle of your very own for about $105 here. Anyone ever tried this stuff?