Happy May Day. Now what is May Day again?

Jason English

Today is May Day. This means many things to many people. I asked a few colleagues if they knew, and I heard several different interpretations.

"¢ "It's International Workers' Day, dating back to the Haymarket martyrs of 1886. Labor Day-ish."

"¢ "It's the day immigrant workers don't show up to work, in protest."

"¢ "May Day starts a month-long celebration of the Virgin Mary."

"¢ "Something to do with Pagans."

"¢ "May Day means drunken college students in Scotland run naked into the North Sea."

We could go one of two ways here. I could rehash the Wikipedia entry on the origins of different May Day celebrations around the world. Or you could chime in with your own thoughts about what May Day is (anyone ever run naked into the North Sea?) The latter sounds like a lot more fun. (If you were hoping we'd go with the former, click here.)

I realize I'm stretching with this picture. It's the Sammy "Mayday" Malone jersey I bought for my friend Kevin, a big fan of both Cheers and the Sox. This represents the greatest gift I've ever given, and could be the single best customized sports jersey purchase in the history of commerce.