David K. Israel

Perhaps the brass over at Sony saw the big response to our second TV theme song quiz, featuring the old classic from Charlie's Angels. Or perhaps it's just something in the air, but ready or not, here come "minisodes."

This summer, Sony will start putting 3-6 minute mini-episodes of Farrah Fawcett and the gang on MySpace for an exclusive run. A snippet of an old show, I hear you asking? Heck no! According to Sony, there really was only about 3-6 minutes of important action in each 24-minute episode! Check out this quote off The New York Times:

As Steve Mosko, the president of Sony Television, described it, "So in "˜Charlie Angels,' they have a meeting, Charlie's on the intercom telling them what the assignment is, there's a couple of fights, and then a chase, and they catch the bad guy. Then they're back home wrapping it up."

I don't know about you all, but I own many of the original episodes and while, yes, not a whole lot happens, the idea of watching an episode boiled down 80% is just ridiculous. No?