I'm not sure who had the brilliant notion that chores would make great arcade entertainment, but OhGizmo is reporting that a new game is taking the Japanese scene by storm. Or at least by drizzle. Pictured above, the game basically has you holding a leash and walking a virtual dog on a treadmill! Supposedly, it's no walk in the park either (the person pictured, a proud pet and successful pet owner in reality, apparently killed her virtual dog in seconds). You have to keep the dog moving at a pace that doesn't bore him, run from bully dogs, be vigilant of swerving cars, and avoid a whole host of obstacles as well. There's no word on whether version 2.0 will come with fire hydrants and a virtual pooper scooper, but I for one am glad that video games are finally building character again. I can't wait for virtual dishwashing, and virtual laundry to sweep the scene.