Politics and religion aside, few topics are more certain to ignite a war of words than the fluoridation of municipal water supplies in the United States. No, seriously: there are still camps out there who swear that Big Brother is using it to mind-control us all into submission, and groups like the Protect Our Water Alliance (POWA) vehemently assert that overexposure to Fluoride poses a cancer risk. On the other hand, according to dentists there's been an alarming rise in early childhood and infant tooth decay -- and losing baby teeth early can mean disaster for adult teeth when they come in -- and part of the reason, they say, is that parents have been giving their kids more and more bottled water. Of course, the refined sugar found in so many foods marketed to kids is another concern, but that's nothing new. According to Mary Hayes, spokeswoman for the American Dental Association, "Water with trace levels of fluoride in it has been shown to be one of the major reasons why children in this generation and the last generation have less decay than children 50 years ago." Get the whole story on childhood tooth decay here -- and brush those teeth!