Where are they now? And who were they again?

Jason English

The year was 1999, and there were two groups of people. Those who'd made millions through internet ventures, and those just about to. I found myself in the latter camp "“ a summer intern at high-flying start-up Stamps.com* in Santa Monica.

To ring in the new millennium, tech mag Upside tossed a party, and commissioned Rob Barber to paint a portrait of their ideal attendees.

Then bubble burst, the magazine folded and many of the people featured on the poster fell back into obscurity.

Seven years later, Seth Godin found that poster in his basement. His friend Dave set up a site to promote Seth's new book, The Dip. The goal is to identify all the people in the poster. Maybe you'll spot someone you know. Maybe even yourself.

Did anyone out there get close to dot-com riches? Have a good story to share?

*Stamps.com is still alive and thriving, and the company was recently featured on Entourage. I received more calls, emails, IMs and texts about this plot inclusion than any other event in years.