The Internet Archive Part 2 - Moving Images

Chris Higgins

Continuing our Internet Archive series, today we'll look at the site's collection of moving images. This collection is broken into categories, including Computers & Technology (best bet for BBS geeks: The BBS Documentaries), Animation & Cartoons (check out Film Chest Vintage Cartoons), Movies (including Nosferatu and The Man Who Knew Too Much), News & Public Affairs, and many more.

A favorite collection in Moving Images is A/V Geeks, which collects "ephemeral films" - those created for educational, industrial, or promotional purposes. As a former (okay, current) A/V Geek myself, I remember feeding movies like VD is for Everybody through the projector. Well, maybe not that particular movie...but still. See also: Beginning Responsibility: Lunchroom Manners (note the "Mr. Bungle" character - possibly the origin of the band name?).

Tomorrow we continue the series with an in-depth look at one of the collections in the Internet Archive's Moving Images Archive.