The Internet Archive Part 4 - Audio Archive

Chris Higgins

Heading into the fourth day of our Internet Archive series, it's time to look at the treasure trove that is their audio archive. There's a ton of material here. My favorite is the Live Music Archive, which is managed in collaboration with The Live Music Archive currently contains nearly 40,000 recordings from over 2,000 performers. Some of my favorites: Mike Doughty, The Weepies, Andrew Bird, The Decemberists. Also check out the overwhelming full list of bands. (Tip: check the FAQ for info on how to deal with lossless file formats like FLAC and SHN that you'll see in the archive.)

Other Audio Archive collections include the News & Public Affairs collection - lots of political stuff; Radio Programs (check out the Afropop Worldwide and Old Time Radio sections); Computers & Technology - Conference Proceedings (see Don Norman: Emotional Design); and lots more. Some favorites from deep in the archives: 78 RPMs - a collection of old 78rpm recordings; Gutenberg Audio Books; LibriVox audio books.

Tomorrow we'll wrap up our week-long series on the wonderful Internet Archive with yet more gems from the stacks!