Weekend Word Wrap: words in the shower


I've never met anyone who doesn't like to cut loose in the shower. Actually, I retract—my grandfather Mervin didn't like to sing in the shower, but that's only because he could carry a tune about as well as he could carry a hippopotamus. But outside of the Mervs out there, most of us love the way we sound in the shower. The question is: why?

Well, it all has to do with acoustics. For starters, there isn't much in a shower to absorb sound, so the golden tones emanating from your vox box last a bit longer than they would, say, in another small room where you might find yourself alone and uninhibited, like your car, where all that upholstery kills the sustain. The shower also stabilizes your pitch, helping you lock-on and nail that Phil Collins' song you know you can't resist. Then there's also the humidity. Ever notice how croaky you sound when your voice is dry?

So the moisture in the shower helps smooth things out, as well. Lastly, there's the noise-factor-- meaning, the sound of the water running drowns out most vocal imperfections, acting a bit like the most forgiving back-up band you could ever have behind you.

We've all got our favorite shower songs, right? Lately, I've been gravitating toward Lindsey Buckingham's "Go Your Own Way," for reasons entirely unknown to me... words I'm not even entirely comfortable admitting, let alone singing. What about you all? We've reached the interactive portion of the Rap. What words do you find coming out of your mouth these days, as you lather, exfoliate, and rinse?