Judging a Facebook by its Cover

Mangesh Hattikudur

According to this article from the CBC, the city of Toronto is banning its 23,000 employees from using FaceBook. Not surprisingly, YouTube and a few other social networking sites are already on the list. Of course, what's most interesting about the thing is that while it applies to all city employees, it doesn't apply to politicians, who apparently need the sites to interact with their constituents. I love Canada, but it sounds a little Animal Farm-ish, no? Like all Toronto city employees are equal, but some a little more equal than others. Link via TheRawFeed.


Kind of interesting follow-up.... I just saw this article on CNN.com, where the US Army is banning soldiers from using YouTube, Myspace and photo sharing sites from any Defense Department computers. A Wired reporter has some interesting commentary within the piece on how the US Army has been posting achievements and videos of soldiers befriending Iraqis on YouTube recently, but that the soldiers themselves won't be able to watch them due to the restrictions.