No Photoshop Necessary: Vegetarian Art

David K. Israel

What is it with moms and email forwards? It's like they learn how to email and then instantly become overforwarders. In my family, before email was even invented, my grandparents used to cut what they thought were interesting articles out of the paper and snail-mail "˜em bulk. A package the size of an encyclopedia set would arrive in the mail each week stuffed with clippings. "This made me think of you, David dear" my grandmother would write at the top in of the newspaper clipping in her familiar handwriting. Or "You'll love this!" my grandfather might scrawl.

So I can't really blame my mom for her forwarding tendencies because clearly it's genetic. Email just makes it ever so much easier. But every now and again she actually forwards me an email with something worth reading—and today was just such an instance. Only it wasn't worth reading as much as it was worth seeing. Check out these hi-sterical photos of vegetarian art. More after the jump! If anyone knows who made "˜em, please let me know so I can acknowledge the artist here in the post. [thanks Sue for informing us thatJoost Elffers and Saxton Freymann are the creators!]

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