Your Wedding: Star Trek or Star Wars?

Miss Cellania

Young ladies planning their wedding sometimes want to recreate a fairytale fantasy for the big event. Their fiances sometimes counter by arguing that any decent childhood fantasy would involve light sabers. So the science fiction wedding is becoming more common.

Eric and Juli had a Star Wars wedding that included a Darth Vader groom's cake and an impromptu light saber battle!

435_stormtroopers.jpg /

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See a Peruvian Star Wars wedding on video.

After the ceremonial first dance, this wedding couple also had their ceremonial "first lightsaber duel" at the reception.

Star Trek Wedding.jpg
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Romulan wedding.jpg
Romulan wedding.jpg /
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One of these days, someone will have a combination Star Trek/Star Wars wedding. The ushers won't ask "bride or groom?" but instead ask "Federation or the Force?" I hope I can get an invitation to that one!