Weird Sentences


Becky's fascinating post on Weird Laws "“ and the post-post discussion "“ got me thinking about Weird Sentences. The king of this genre of justice is Mike Cicconetti of Painesville, Ohio. Here are some of his greatest hits, courtesy of Wikipedia and Paul Jacob of

"¢ A woman who abandoned 35 kittens in a forest was told to spend a night in the woods.

"¢ A man guilty of playing his car stereo too loudly was ordered to sit in the woods, too "“ so he could "appreciate silence."

"¢ Two teenagers who scrawled 666 on a nativity figure of Jesus had to lead a donkey through the streets, with a sign saying: "Sorry for the jackass offense."

"¢ A man caught with a loaded gun was sent to a morgue to see dead bodies.

"¢ Teenagers who flattened tires on school buses were ordered to throw a picnic for primary school children.

"¢ A teenager was ordered to sit blindfolded outside the store from which he'd stolen pornographic videos, holding a sign that said, "See no evil."

"¢ A man who called a cop a "pig" was forced to stand on a street corner with a pig, wearing a sign that said, "This is not a police officer."

Know any more examples of creative justice?