Yes, I'm obsessed with Short Circuit. Yes, in my book Steve Guttenberg can do no wrong. But more importantly, I love AI...And those AI troubadours are always thinking up new ways to slip a little robot power into world consciousness. Hence: Robocup! Since 1993, this World Cup for robots pits all the latest versions against their Beckham-ian brothers. According to Robocup headquarters, their official goal is summed up as follows: "By 2050, develop a team of fully autonomous humanoid robots that can win against the human world champion team in soccer." Oh, goodness. Do make sure those shin guards stretch all the way up to your motherboard. Last year's Cup went down in Germany, but this year's will be held in ATL, baby. And if you want to host Robocup event in your area, by all means do so here. I've lost to humans while playing soccer; I'm sure I could lose to a well-oiled humanoid. Has anyone ever dueled a robot before?