Halls of Fame

Jason English

Yesterday I learned there was a Robot Hall of Fame. What other halls of fame don't I know about? This is a question Wikipedia was designed to answer. Let's take a quick hall of fame tour.

Wales Sports Hall of Fame. "Wales is rich in sporting activities from mainline sports like soccer and rugby to the rather more 'sophisticated' Bog Snorkling and events such as the Man vs. Horse Marathon."

WWE Hall of Fame. There is no actual, physical shrine where WWE fans can honor their legends. And the whole betting-on-baseball thing didn't stop them from inducting Pete Rose. Not to mention the whole not being a wrestler thing.

The Insurance Hall of Fame. "Induction into the Insurance Hall of Fame is the highest honor awarded to individuals in the insurance industry." Anyone in the insurance industry want to vouch for this? Is this what you're striving for?

Others include the Mascot Hall of Fame, Canadian Cartoonist Hall of Fame and National Toy Hall of Fame. I feel like we should start our own hall of fame. Any ideas about who we would celebrate, and what we would call it?