Hmm. Something to consider for the freaky, betrothed, and anemic: a wedding cake made out of ground beef. For reals. This cake was lovingly conjured--"on a dare"--by one intrepid chef at Black Widow Bakery. The result was so...intense...that it's since inspired a whole "meat cake gallery." There's no real proof (please prove me wrong) these alterna-cakes have seen the inside of a wedding reception, but who knows? Maybe 2007 will prove the year of the meat cake yet! And since I've been on a superstition kick, I might as well throw in the one about how if a single girl sleeps with a piece of wedding cake under her pillow, her dreams will reveal the identity of her future husband. If it's a meat cake, I'm thinking maybe a rancher. If she's hoping for an agile, mushroom-stomping Italian, maybe she should swipe some of this excellent Super Mario Bros. cake.