We all know that hybrid cars are more fuel-efficient than regular cars, right? Not always: turns out "intelligent" cars that drive themselves -- some of which are already on the road -- are more fuel efficient than even hybrids. By using using sensors and receivers to predict traffic conditions and then adjust speed accordingly to prevent "stop-start" driving that decreases efficiency and causes more traffic, the "intelligent" cars (or auto-autos, as we like to call them) boast about a 33% efficiency improvement over regular cars (versus just 15-25% for hybrids). So imagine the fuel savings if these intelli-cars were also hybrids! Also, as Hank from Ecogeek points out, the intelli-car tests were conducted on roads filled with "regular cars," and one can only assume that their efficiency would be collectively greater still if all the cars on the road were intelligent. What it would be like to drive -- or, more accurately, ride -- on such a robot-controlled highway remains to be seen, but this blogger bets that road rage levels would decrease along with emissions.