Preserving the Future

Jason English

We want you to spent hours on our site. Days, even. But if you have both a laptop and an Adam's apple, we could be curbing production of future mental_floss fans.

According to Discover Magazine, "Young men may be jeopardizing their chances of fatherhood by using laptops. Scientists say that the portable computers, when seated on a lap for even short periods of time, can raise scrotal temperatures and cause sperm production to plummet."

There is an easy solution that's only slightly more expensive than staying at your desk. For $24.95, The Lapinator can be yours.

"The Lapinator uses 3M's Type B Thinsulate insulation as the main barrier to the heat generated by laptop computers. The Lapinator employs Type B Thinsulate, typically used in footwear, which is pre-compressed and will never lose its ability to block the heat."

You can even get one with your corporate logo. What better way to tell employees you appreciate their working from home, well into the evening?