Ok, so yes, I was loitering on Birthdays by Rexanne today, trying to find out the bottom line on Survivor-themed parties (don't ask). And I couldn't help noticing that today, May 22nd, is the least common birthday in the U.S. This is all according to a 2001 survey conducted by (now defunct) anybirthday.com. Apparently, October 5th is the most common...Which, sure, I get: New Year's, pressure, bubbles; but what's wrong with August 22nd? I can't think of any real reason, other than on that date in 565 the first Loch Ness monster was reported. In any case, those who are drifting after anybirthday's demise and need to fulfill that midday I'm-a-PI urge can compute themselves senseless at birthdatabase.com