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Finally, a water that works

Ransom Riggs

We've endured a lot of fad waters over the years, especially recently. (I'm talking to you, "Vitamin" Water.) "Penta Water" is another one; it's supposedly absorbed more effectively by your body because it's been shot through with high-energy sound waves (a claim not verified by scientists). In fact, some of these bottled waters can be dirtier than what comes out of the tap -- about 22 percent of brands that are tested contain, in at least one sample, chemical contaminants at levels above strict state health limits. But now a California firm called Oculus Innovative Sciences say they've developed a water that really does something -- namely, heal life-threatening burns and wounds -- and so far, scientists haven't spoiled the party.

The process they use to electrically charge the water filters it through a semi-permeable sodium chloride membrane, which produces oxychlorine ions, which supposedly kill viruses, bacteria and fungi, and as a result can do nifty things like speed up wound healing. (This is hopefully good new for diabetes sufferers; healing diabetic foot ulcers should markedly reduce the need for foot amputations.) But don't celebrate just yet: they're still in the trial phase. We'll keep you posted!