First Annual Flossy Awards

David K. Israel

There's a piece in the current (June) issue of the Harvard Business Review on the scarcity of exceptionally creative minds in which Daniel J. Socolow, director of the MacArthur Fellows Program, says, "Creative people we look at have often ruffled a few feathers along the way," "“ in other words: don't expect the creative types to be the most popular. Apparently, they're generally not the best at promoting themselves, either. "Don't assume that you can figure out who your creative people are all by yourself," he says. "Listen to others and look in the least likely places."

Here at the _floss, we love and respect creativity, too. And though we can't give you a $500,000 MacArthur, we can give you a Flossy - otherwise known as serious SERIOUS braggin' rights with a whole post devoted to you.

So go ahead and nominate yourself or someone else in the comments below. Know someone who's done something so wildly creative he/she/you deserve(s) a Flossy? [I posted this late last week -- but am throwing it up again in case you missed it. Contest ends today, so if you're going to nominate, there's still time!]