Photos Taken On The Way To Work

Jason English

I don't always carry a camera. Yesterday, I did.

We've been receiving mail for my home's previous owners regularly for almost three years. Endless pre-approved credit cards, random herbal medicine catalogs, and even a few letters from the office of then-Senator Bill Frist. I've given up hope that the U.S. Postal Service will ever fix this. They clearly have other priorities. For example, saving the world.

Turns out they're slowly converting their fleet to hybrid vehicles. They're clearly missing an opportunity with the truck design.

The second picture is something recently featured on adfreak. A banner promoting the new wooden roller coaster at Six Flags Great Adventure. Today I noticed that the ad had been taken down. You can decide whether or not this is safe for a public bus terminal.

sixflags.jpg /

That's not the most offensive advertisement I've seen (and photographed) in Port Authority. This is:

portauthority1.jpg /

The word "trendy" has never been muttered, before or since. But maybe I'm just a jaded member of the commuting class.