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Tuesday Turnip

David K. Israel

It's time for another whimsical Tuesday Turnip search wherein I type a random phrase and we see what kind of interesting factoids "turn-up."

Inspired by the unbelievable array of iPod accessories out there these days, today I decided to see what the search engine would spit out if I typed in "unusual iPod accessories." The results were both interesting and hilarious. If any of you own these newfangled devices, PLEASE let us know how well they work "“ especially the iPod acsexsory at the end of the list, which you really need to see to believe!

  • iGlove Multi, an iPod friendly winter glove. iPod Click Wheel compatible fleece glove that's warm enough to wear on it's own yet slim enough to use as a liner in your regular glove.
  • iCat, iDog, iFish and iPenguin - Keep the music playing with these portable musical companions that play back through their built-in speakers or your headphones!
  • iDJ Mixing Console - The iDJ allows you to input two iPods and two additional turntables or MP3/CD players.
  • iKaraoke - Sends the music from your iPod to your stereo minus the lead vocals, so you can step up to the mic and sing the lead in your favorite tunes.
  • Store an iPod nano in stylish aluminum alloy belt buckles.
  • PodoLock anti theft - frames your iPod in a beautiful, acrylic case. Insert a cable at the top, lock to a table or fixture, and your iPod is protected from theft.
  • i-Ride Active Tunes Bicycle Stereo System - Listen to your iPOD, MP3 Player Satellite Radio while Riding Your Bike!
  • OhMiBod Music Powered Vibrator