How To Be An Alaskan Fisherman

Chris Higgins

Corey Arnold is an Alaskan fisherman who started out working on boats as a summer job to pay for college. Arnold has appeared on Deadliest Catch, and apparently he gets a lot of fan mail from kids who want to be just like him. He responds with an article (half-blog, half-how-to) describing his adventures in fishing.

Arnold spends a lot of time describing what it's really like trying to find work, which is something we can all relate to. He also shares his excellent photographs (after all, he was working to pay for art school) of the fishing life. Arnold's photographs are the major attraction here -- it's truly another world out on the boats.

Worth a read for fans of hard work, photography, and Deadliest Catch. (Note for readers: some coarse language is used.) Also worth a look: Corey Arnold's photography site.