Hunting for Firefox Extensions

Jason English

Mozilla Firefox is the preferred browser for roughly a quarter of web users, me included. I'm a big fan of tabbed browsing, the quick search bar, the built-in spell check, and the "restore session" option.

But I'm no power user. Besides Googlepedia, which splits Google and Wikipedia in one search results page (above), I don't take advantage of many Firefox Add-ons. Here are a few I'm about to install:

StumbleUpon lets you "channelsurf" the best-reviewed sites on the web. It is a collaborative surfing tool for finding and sharing great sites. This helps you find interesting webpages you wouldn't think to search for.

Cooliris Previews gives you the power to browse and share Web links and rich media faster. Just mouse over any link, and the Cooliris preview window immediately appears to show you the content. To email it, just click.

InFormEnter adds a small, clickable icon next to every input field in a web form, from where you can select the item to be inserted - no typing required. You can configure it to display your frequently used information such as name, email, address.

Enhancing my browsing experience is my resolution for June, and I'd appreciate your help. Which Firefox extensions are making your internet life easier?