7 Toys (and T's) Definitely Made for Sharing!


For some reason I can't stop seeing "Red." From Chairman Mao skateboards to Frederich Engels comic books, socialism seems to be taking over over the kid's aisle. In fact, I have no doubt that Senator McCarthy (bless his soul) is rolling over and over in his grave just thinking about these products. Oh well. I guess one good turn deserves another. The following are 7 faux-socialist products definitely worth waiting in line for.

1. Create-A-Commie
If you love fascism's facial features, you'll probably love this. Equipped with a magic wand, and plenty of metal shavings, you can turn an ordinary Joe into Joseph "Man of Steel" Stalin. And speaking of steals, the thing retails for just $6.95 at stupid.com!

2. Be the Life of the Soviet Party
If you're more the type to wear your political ideology on your sleeve, this shirt from threadless.com might fit just right.

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Finger puppets, plush toys and (re)action figures after the jump!

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Sick of Beanie Babies that ain't worth beans? Then wrap your arms (and mind) around one of

these 11'' tall Karl Marx dolls


Dog-eating-Kim-1.gif /

Sure, there's plenty above to corrupt your kids, but if corrupting your canine is what you're looking to do, this

Dear Leader Chew Toy

might just fit the bill (assuming Fido wants cut his teeth on a little dictatorial ideology).

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Did I miss any (other than our own Karl Marx t-shirt, located here)? Drop a note in the comments if there are other socialist-inspired toys, gadgets and t's we need on our radar.