David recently posted a sign showing misused quotation marks, which reminded me of one of my favorite sites: The Gallery Of "Misused" Quotation Marks! They feature "Current" Exhibits and a Permanent "Collection", each of which is filled with awesomely "misused" quotation marks. Some samples:

Sign outside a restaurant in Fort Myers, Florida:
The "Fish" Monger

A brochure for an Estee Lauder self tanning product claims that:
in about an hour, your skin will turn a natural, healthy looking "tan."

Sign in restaurant in Jacksboro, TN lists the vegetables of the day:
Corn, fried potatoes, "peas" and green beans.
(They also list cottage cheese and macaroni and cheese as vegetables.)

I got this "auto"-reply e-mail from Bizrate.com:
Just responding to let you know that a "human" reads each and every comment to BizRate.com!
Great! I feel much "better" knowing that.

Do you have a favorite story of "misused" quotation marks?