Disco checklist: White pants, platforms, hair pick...& wireless headphones. Silent discos have been modestly sweeping Europe since they were created in 2002 by two Dutch DJs, DJ OD and NO DJ (Quick! Say those names together five times fast). These dudes are pumping some solidarity back into our direct-to-headphones culture. Before the silent part was introduced, the discos were just regular old--and frequently illegal--bashes. In an attempt to avoid censure, the DJs decided to simultaneously broadcast different tracks to their attendees, who could turn up the volume to 11 and switch back and forth at their leisure. Since it took off, the silent disco has been a staple at European--and, increasingly, some US--music festivals. If you're jonesing for pantomime and minor hearing loss (close range is always the devil!), here's a silent disco agenda. Has anyone ever been to one? Those held in subway cars don't count.