So maybe you're looking for an idiosyncratic Father's Day or graduation gift? This beauteous creation will commence one of five classical piano pieces whenever you give it the old clap-on cue. As a household fixture, it seems like this could go either way: either it'll complement the owner's eccentricity, or it'll threaten that tenuous hold on sanity. Anything with motorized digits reeks a little bit of an obsession with The Gloved One, or at least some askew homage to a Nintendo power glove. Personally, I think it'd be cool to design a version of this hand that could mimic the fingering on string solos (and--this would heighten showmanship--vibrato!). And speaking of siccing AI on all things musical, Sony has already created a robot who can enact "complicated, personalised [dancing performances]" and who can also sing with vibrato and lend a personal touch to any super-populated soirée:

Drawing from its vocabulary of 60,000 words, an SDR-4X can ask a guest in a high, squeaky voice: "Please hold still for a minute while I memorise your face."

How quaint! Robots are so earnest and adorable they'll get away with anything.