Where Are They Now?

Jason English

People love those 'Where are they now?' features, because the subjects being profiled have often fallen on hard times, which is occasionally hilarious. (Side note: people are mean.) Even though our former blog editor Mary Carmichael isn't running a banana stand or blogging for a porn site, here's an update.

Mary is back at Newsweek, writing cover stories and making small talk with editor Jon Meacham.

"¢ Read her recent story, The Changing Science of Pain. "Millions of aging boomers and the latest generation of wounded soldiers hope the secrets of our most enduring medical foe can finally be unlocked."

"¢ Read Jon Meacham talking about Mary's disastrous AP Biology massacre.

"¢ And check out a transcript of Mary chatting with readers about chronic pain. We need to start live chatting around here. The first one could be a discussion of what we would talk about in a live chat environment. Who's in?