Steve Jobs and Bill Gates Interviewed Together


Last week, the D "All Things Digital" conference played host to a variety of interesting events (including Microsoft's introduction of a new digital table). But perhaps the most remarkable event was a joint onstage interview with classic rivals Steve Jobs and Bill Gates. They spent roughly an hour chatting about their history in the personal computer industry, and generally getting along like old soldiers (translation: surprisingly well, though with the occasional cutting remark from Jobs). After all, for two guys with who had a movie made about their rivalry, they seem to get along just fine at this point. This display of maturity and good humor -- combined with their combined insight about the computer industry -- makes it a must-view for computer history fans.

The video is broken into a bunch of sections on the D site; I recommend either downloading the iTunes version or just starting at the first link and proceeding from there (the links are also present beneath each video on the D site):