How Much They Would Make If They Weren't Make Believe

Jason English

Ever wonder how much today's most popular TV characters make? Regardless, Kate Lorenz of did the math. Dunder Miflin receptionist Pam Beesley pulls in roughly $23,000. Dr. Meredith Grey earns just $37,000/year as a resident. (Seriously? Do we have a doctor in the house who can confirm this?)

Most intriguing to me was Desperate Housewife/advertising executive Lynette Scavo. She's listed at $50,000/year. I work in advertising, and this does not fit my perception of what senior-level account people make. Where is Wisteria Lane, anyway? Because I know better than to ask to see a colleague's paycheck, I turned to Google for an answer. According to Stanley Bing "“ an authority on the subject "“ the salary for an advertising executive can reach well into the six-figure range, and is one of the Top 50 Bulls**t Jobs. His list includes agent, barista and closet organizer. So suck on that Ari Gold, Rachel from Friends and The Virgin from Seinfeld.

Also on the list: blogger. Hard to argue.