Ever wonder how much today's most popular TV characters make? Regardless, Kate Lorenz of CareerBuilder.com did the math. Dunder Miflin receptionist Pam Beesley pulls in roughly $23,000. Dr. Meredith Grey earns just $37,000/year as a resident. (Seriously? Do we have a doctor in the house who can confirm this?)

Most intriguing to me was Desperate Housewife/advertising executive Lynette Scavo. She's listed at $50,000/year. I work in advertising, and this does not fit my perception of what senior-level account people make. Where is Wisteria Lane, anyway? Because I know better than to ask to see a colleague's paycheck, I turned to Google for an answer. According to Stanley Bing "“ an authority on the subject "“ the salary for an advertising executive can reach well into the six-figure range, and is one of the Top 50 Bulls**t Jobs. His list includes agent, barista and closet organizer. So suck on that Ari Gold, Rachel from Friends and The Virgin from Seinfeld.

Also on the list: blogger. Hard to argue.