How I will be spending the rest of the morning


My friend Dave pointed me to this brilliant weirdconverter. When people used to ask me my weight I used to reply 137 pounds. That's all in the past, though (the English system is so last year. And also all the years before that.). From now on I will say one of the following:

"How much do you weigh?" "Roughly 30.07196 chickens. Or, you know, 1.2454 Jennifer Anistons."

Of course, if your friends don't use the Aniston as a measure, there are other options. Weirdconverter can also figure out how much you weigh in NASCAR tires, sheets of paper, hockey pucks, whale testicles, Tom Cruises and a bunch of other decidedly unmetric standards.

Link via Boingboing. Thanks Dave!