Sleep deprived?

David K. Israel

Not sure how many of you heard the news last month, but a 43-year-old sleep deprivation record was broken by one Tony Wright, in London. The previous record of 264 hours (11 days) was set by Randy Gardner in 1964 as part of a student science project in San Diego. Wright existed on a diet of raw food, salad, nuts and seeds to keep him from the evil zzzzzzzzzzs.

Check out Tony's sleep deprivation diary here. (highlights include: Day 10 - As it turns out writing while sleep deprived is easily the most difficult thing to do, for that reason I have decided I won't write anymore, so this will be my last entry.)

What's the longest you ever stayed awake? My record is about 36 hours when I had to fly from (are you ready for this?) Seattle to Salt Lake to Manhattan to London to Helsinki to Moscow"¦ and, no, I don't sleep on planes.)