The _floss on Facebook

Jason English

Last week, I became the 25,000,000th person to join Facebook (give or take). I'm slowly stockpiling friends, co-workers and former classmates. Photos have been posted. I've agonized over my list of favorite TV shows. And I realize none of this passes for interesting.

So I searched "mental floss," thinking perhaps we had a page and I'd missed a memo. I was happy to find a semi-thriving Facebook Group: I Read Mental Floss (you must have a Facebook profile to view this page.) But this was not an inside job. I believe it's the brainchild of superfan Lindsay Lowe. Very cool.

And if you think we'd make fast virtual friends, I'm open to invitations. Oh, and there is a fully functioning mental_floss MySpace community. Now we just need to set up shop on Dogster.