Second Life: do you have one?


So I'm really just talking about the social networking/virtual world site, Second Life. As part of its virtual atmosphere, SL converts users into avatars, also referred to as "residents." SL has so far attracted 7 million registered users, and Sweden recently opened a Second Life embassy, complete with a room dedicated to WWII humanitarian Raoul Wallenberg. During the month of May, Second Life hosted their first virtual job fair ("In World Interviews. Real World Jobs.") on TMP Island.

"We see this as a new vehicle that we will be a pioneer of reaching a new generation of candidates and connect them in a distinct way that's as entertaining as informative," said Kelly McCorkle, Verizon's manager of recruitment, operations and strategies. "We need to provide recruiters with the right tools to bring the right talent."

Did anyone, by chance, attend?