World's first cat-mounted spy camera

Ransom Riggs

Have you ever wondered what your cat does outdoors all day? A guy in Germany did, and developed a cat-mounted spy camera in order to find out. Wonder no more! His site is a whimsical day-by-day photo diary told from the visual POV of his cat, Mr. Lee (or more specifically, Mr. Lee's neck, around which his Jerry-rigged catcam was affixed), accompanied by his sometimes-baffled captions ("Whose house is that?" and so on). Are there privacy -- even feline -- rights issues to be debated here? Let's not get crazy. But for those of you dying to know if your cat is cheating on you (with another family; it happens) or why Meowsers doesn't drink much of the clean water you put in his water bowl every morning (actually, maybe you don't want to know), it's worth a look! An added plus: Mr. Lee has some photographic chops.

"Meeting under car"

car.jpg /

"Snake in the grass"

snake.jpg /

"Staring at a birdhouse"

birdhouse.jpg /

"Unknown backyard"

backyard.jpg /


dusk.jpg /


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