Dear Yakov

Jason English

Curious about the sex drive of senior citizens? Want to break your husband of his legendary frugality? Fighting with siblings over your still-kicking father's estate?

Then your answer man is Yakov Smirnoff.

I was leafing through AARP Magazine on Saturday and was stunned to see the Soviet-born comedian giving advice under the "Happily Ever Laughter" headline. There's no evidence that this is a regular column "“ don't go subscribing yet. I can't find an online version, but here's his bio:

"With his master's degree from the University of Pennsylvania in applied positive psychology, along with his empirical research and studies, Yakov offers a unique insight with a comedic point of view on the very serious subject of love and laughter."

Yakov's IMDb profile is a little bare since a 1993 guest appearance on Major Dad. But the man who's performed for three different Presidents has been keeping busy in Branson, Missouri. The two-time Branson Comedian of the Year paints patriotic murals, teaches at Drury University and Missouri State, and still finds time to perform nearly every night (thirty shows are scheduled for September.)

What a country.

By the way, there's no good explanation for me reading AARP Magazine. It was there.