We're nearing the 50th anniversary of the interment of a certain famous '57 Plymouth. The car is the piece de résistance of a time capsule created by Tulsa residents and lowered into a well on the courthouse lawn. The car, which also contains "fourteen bobby pins, a ladies' compact plastic rain cap, several combs, a tube of lipstick, a pack of gum, a wad of Kleenex, $2.73 in bills and coins, a pack of cigarettes with matches, an unpaid parking ticket, and a bottle of tranquilizers," will be gifted to the person--or the descendant--who, in 1957, most correctly extrapolated the 2007 population of Tulsa. Watch the exhumation live on June 15th. How fun to win after a fifty year wait! I've never been so good at time capsules--I put one together in an old Orange Sherbet container when I was eight (contents: notebook w/extensive libelous content, subpar Brownie badges torn from my sash, and some Gummi Peaches), but when I tried to lift it from its shallow grave near some top soil, I couldn't find it. Of course, I was convinced a second grade mole had confiscated it, and I still don't have proof otherwise. Has anyone ever had a successful (and/or meaningful) time capsule experience?