Nuts for toffee

David K. Israel

Lately I've been going through a toffee phase. Not sure about you all, but my life seems to swing through phases of all sorts: obscure black and white films, rollerblading (who didn't, right?), learning Spanish (a phase I seem to go through every few years), and, lately, toffee. While the rest of Los Angeles is busy waddling through a cupcake phase, I guess I'm opting for something slightly less, er, filling.

If we're talking about the biggies, there is, of course, my favorite: the Heath Bar "“ (as in Ben & Jerry's Heath Bar Crunch), which was actually made by hand from the late 1920s until 1942! Most of you probably also know Hershey's Skor, which, by my way of thinking, always paled by comparison. I guess Hershey thought so, too, because they went and acquired the original Heath Bar company even though the Skor is still available at most candy counters.

I also like the Planters Peanut Bar, which is toffee-esque and the hard-to-find, Walnettos, which actually pre-dates the Heath Bar, going all the way back to 1919.

If we're talking about hand-made toffee, lately I've been getting all mine from this site called Love, Oma. It's an almond-centric toffee, perhaps even better than the Heath Bar.

What's your favorite candy bar? Any unusual ones we need to know about?