Viral meme all your friends already know about, #12: Evolution


I'm dusting off one of blogger Mary's old columns -- hey Newsweek, quit stealing our writers! -- which previously brought you up to speed on such flash-in-the-pan memes as Loituma Girl, "Will it Blend?" and the Bananaphone. In this case, when something cost less than fifty thousand dollars to make and gets more than four million hits on YouTube, we sit up and take notice -- as do a whole community of "Tubers," as they're known, who we can only assume sit around all day making derivative video "responses" to popular videos in an attempt to get internet famous. But we're going to spare you the dumpster of terrible responses -- this time -- and just get to the good stuff. The video is by Dove, as part of their "campaign for real beauty," and it's a jaw-dropper:

... and here's the best response, which is nearly as funny as the original is cool: