Spare Change

Jason English

Here's something random for you. I've been tossing my change into this old pretzel container for years. On Saturday, I will head to the bank for the official counting. Anyone care to venture a guess?

There should be some incentive. Mangesh, do we have any prizes back there? The person who comes closest without going over will possibly win something.*

*But not the money in the jar. I worked too hard for that. Maybe next time we'll hold a "Guess My Weight" contest.

-----------> Mangesh's response: "Sure, why not! Let's give out a mental_floss T-shirt to the winner, and a Law School in a Box to the second place."

-----------> Update: I've posted additional photos of the jar alongside other objects, for perspective. See those photos here.

-----------> One More Update: The coins have been counted and the winning bidders will be announced Monday morning. We're now closing the comments. Thanks for playing!